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The Paediatric Pain Profile is not designed to diagnose pain but to assist in assessing, documenting and monitoring a child’s pain behaviour. The task of assessing pain in children is complex. It would be unreasonable for users of the Paediatric Pain Profile simply to follow instructions without proper assessment of the individual circumstances and / or referring on to other relevant healthcare practitioners where it is appropriate. Parents are advised that they should seek medical advice before introducing new medications or altering the dosage of any medications on account of their child’s Pain Profile score. Healthcare practitioners are advised that Pain Profile scores should always be used in context and only as additional information to inform clinical judgements.


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The PPP tool is available for download as a PDF document. If you wish to download the tool, please read our terms & conditions before proceeding. You can also order paper bound copies, please complete our order enquiry form for more information on price and delivery.

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